Primary care patient feedback

Primary care patient feedback

There will be occasions when problems arise. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how you would like us to deliver a service that meets your needs. We really appreciate your feedback.

General feedback

If you have general feedback about your experience of a medical centre, you can fill in our primary care service survey.

Dealing with concerns

We hope that most problems can be resolved locally and informally. If you have any concerns about the care you received, it is best to sort it out straight away by speaking to the practice manager or senior administrator at your medical centre. 

Making an official complaint

 If you still have concerns and feel your problem has not been dealt with adequately, you can raise your issue in writing.

  • - Write to us as soon as possible after the event. This makes it easier for everyone involved to remember what happened, and helps us answer your complaint quickly.
  • - Give as much information as you can including your name, the name of the nurse or doctor caring for you, the service you used. This will ensure we can investigate your complaint more effectively. Do not forget to include your telephone number so we can contact you and your address so a written reply can be sent to you directly
  • - If you are raising more than one concern, it helps to number each of the different points you are making. This will ensure we understand all of your concerns.

Complaints involving Primary and Secondary Health Care

In circumstances where a complaint relates to both Primary and Community Care (PCC) & Secondary Health Care (SHC), it will be helpful if you submit your complaint to the Practice Manager in the medical centre where you are registered. Your complaint will then be reviewed by both PCC & SHC. You will be sent an acknowledgement from the PCC complaints manager clarifying who the lead/point of contact for your complaint is, alongside their contact details. 

Who to contact

EJSU medical centres:

Liz Fuller
Group Practices Manager 
UK Medical Centre
SHAPE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             BFPO 26

Tel: 0032 65 44 5825


Gütersloh, Bielefeld, Sennelager and Paderborn medical centres:

Yvonne Stevens
Garrison Group Practices Manager
c/o Medical Centre
Catterick Barracks

Tel: 0521 9254 3864 (Mil: 81 3864)


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