In an emergency for EJSU patients

In a medical emergency, call 112

It is essential you call 00 49 521 305 3960 (from an ISODET or EJSU) as soon as possible. To reduce call charges, a patient support officer will call you straight back

The team can

  • - inform your unit of your admission
  • - tell your medical centre
  • - provide language support as necessary
  • - ensure that medical treatment costs will be paid for (for entitled patients)
  • - liaise to obtain medical reports and if necessary arrange outpatient appointments
  • - inform a patient support officer who will contact you by the next working day.

Do not sign anything in the hospital unless you know what you are signing for. If you are in Germany, be especially wary of any form that contains the word 'Wahlleistung', which means private room/treatment options. This would incur a cost that is not covered by the BFG health service. If you are in any doubt at all, call the hospital hotline.

Find out more about the hospital hotline