Audiology Department

Please contact your local Medical Centre to make an appointment for services listed below.

UK Medical Centre SHAPE +32 (0) 6544 5824
Sennelager Medical Centre 05254 982 2414

Routine Audiology Services

  • Military occupational routine screening
  • Children’s routine hearing screening
  • Replacement of hearing aid tubes and batteries
  • Minor repairs to hearing aids or like-for-like replacement of hearing aids.

Specialist Audiology Services

A hearing specialist (audiologist) from the UK visits every three months to provide the following services:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests
  • Middle ear pressure testing
  • New born hearing screening
  • Middle ear pressure testing
  • Speech hearing testing
  • Test of inner ear hair cells
  • Confirmation of military hearing grading and reviews
  • Hearing protection advice
  • NHS Hearing aid supply and fitting
  • Hearing aid replacement and repair
  • Ear plugs and swim plugs
  • Tinnitus management

Appointments take place in Brunssum for EJSU (Brunssum, SHAPE and Ramstein) patients. Appointments take place at Sennelager Medical Centre for British Army (Germany) patients. For enquiries and to make an appointment, please contact your medical centre. Sennelager Medical Centre 05254 982 2414 UK Medical Centre SHAPE +32 (0) 6544 5824