Serving personnel

You will de-register from the medical centre when you 'book out' of a regiment. When you do this, you will be asked if you would like to de-register your family (see below).

Your future unit will request your medical records; these will be sent to your new medical centre.

Dependants and entitled civilians

To de-register you will be asked to fill out a de-registration form for you and any family members. You need to complete this in advance of your move, stating when you would like to be de-registered. 

It is important that you de-register so that your medical records can be sent to your new medical centre.

What happens to my private medical records if I am posted back to the UK?

Your medical records are sent to the NHS Central Register in the UK. Your new GP surgery will request your medical records directly from the NHS Central Register.

Please complete the de-registration form BEFORE attending the medical centre.

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