Medical Records

Medical Records

Requesting Medical Records: Let Us Help You!

Of course you have the right to access your medical records. Under MOD policy, the LLP is obliged to provide information to you on only one occasion, so if you do request them, please ensure you request them for the right reasons. In the following situations, you do not need to request a copy of your medical records:

Posted to the UK: If you return to a Defence Medical Services practice they will have access to your full medical record as soon as you register. If you return to an NHS practice, once you de-register from the medical centre in British Army Germany a full copy of your medical notes will be sent recorded delivery to the holding practice in the UK. Once you register at a UK practice your notes will be forwarded to your new practice. Your UK practice will not accept a copy of records from a patient, as the integrity of the records cannot be guaranteed. No appointment is needed.

Leaving the Army and returning to the UK:
This follows the same process as being posted to the UK. No appointment is needed.

Ongoing or Complex Care and returning to the UK: The GP from your medical centre here in Germany can send a short summary to your new UK practice, or communicate directly with your new GP if required; this will enable your treatment to continue prior to your notes arriving. Mental Health, Physiotherapy and all other specialities can also arrange similar handovers to the equivalent clinical speciality in the UK. Appointment is needed.

Posted to Canada or Cyprus: Practices in these locations have the same electronic patient records system, therefore they can be accessed easily in these commands and no special arrangements are needed.

Needing information for an insurance claim: Please make an appointment with the Lead Medical Administrator who will sit and go through the dates of the injury with you. No insurance company will accept documents you may provide to them personally. They will contact the medical centre for any documents they need.

Need information for a legal case: Medical documents requested by yourself cannot be used for legal purposes. Your solicitor will formally request a copy through BFGHS HQ.

Medical Board Information: Please make an appointment with a GP for 30 minutes to enable them to go through any queries you may have prior to your Med Board.

Needing Vaccination History for Schools: Please make an appointment with a Practice Nurse who will print you a copy of your child’s vaccination history or will assist with any documentation that needs to be completed.

The Lead Medical Administrator will be happy to provide you with any help or guidance you may require. Please do not hesitate to ask. If it will benefit you, they will suggest you make an appointment with a suitable clinician to discuss your case.