Pharmacy / Prescriptions


All prescription charges and exemptions are in line with NHS (England) guidelines.

Prescription charges will not affect serving members of the forces or any other individual who would normally be exempt from paying for prescriptions while serving in England. 

This information is for BFG & EJSU patients. 

How much will a prescription cost?

Full details on prescription charging can be found on the NHS England website. Charges will be converted into Euros at the Forces Fixed Rate. The sum due will be shown in both Sterling and Euros on the invoice.

How can I pay?

In BFG, payment via card will now be required before the prescription is dispensed. This will apply across all BFG Medical Centre Pharmacies.

Cards accepted are:

  • - UK Debit and Credit Cards (not Amex)
  • - German Debit and Credit Cards

Please note: card payment will now be the only method of payment.

If you have any questions, please speak to the dispensary staff or email:

Who is entitled to free prescriptions?

Full details on prescription entitlement can be found on the NHS England website.

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