Medical centre services

Medical centre services

Our medical centres can provide you and your family similar services to those you are used to in your NHS health centre or GP surgery.

All our medical centres have experienced UK registered GPs and offer many other services including: 

  • - dispensary
  • - armed forces medicals
  • - midwifery and health visiting
  • - child health
  • - vaccinations
  • - physiotherapy
  • - community psychiatry
  • - lifestyle screening (advice and checks on smoking, diet, etc.)

The services do vary slightly by region, and not all services are available in every medical centre. 

How soon can I get an appointment?

We aim to offer you routine appointments within three to five working days. 

If you would like to discuss more than one problem with the GP or nurse, or want to have more than one family member seen, please mention this when booking. This allows us to book you a longer appointment. 

What if I need to be seen today?

If you feel the problem is urgent and wish to consult with a practitioner within 24 hours, please inform the reception staff who will book you in for an urgent telephone or face-to-face appointment as needed.

What happens if I need to be referred?

Once you have been examined, your GP or nurse may refer you to another health professional in the medical centre, local hospital or outpatient department. Your GP will discuss this thoroughly with you, and you will be provided with all the details you need at your medical centre. You can also find more information about hospital appointments in the outpatient's area of the website, and contact information/directions in our partner hospital pages.  

Are there any differences in the UK?

There are some services that you may be used to in the UK that are not available in British Army Germany (BAG), such as district nursing and some other specialist community services. As a result, some conditions may require families to be posted back to the UK. This is dependent on the support that an individual and their family need and is reviewed on a case by case basis and in discussion with the patient and their family. 

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