Hospital hotline

Hospital hotline - 0800 588 99 36 patient support 24/7

From Belgium or Holland call 0049 521 305 3960. From Germany call 0800 5 88 99 36.

Patient support in an emergency

Sometimes you will need to self-present at A&E or even call for an ambulance. 

If you self-present at A&E, you should contact the hospital hotline to inform them as soon as possible. If you are admitted they will:

  • - notify your unit of your admission
  • - inform your medical centre
  • - provide language support as necessary
  • - ensure that medical treatment costs will be paid for (for entitled patients)
  • - tell a patient support officer who will contact you either in person or by telephone, on the next working day. 

Patient support out of hours

In our partner hospitals, patient support officers provide support during regular working hours. If you need any support in the evenings or over the weekend, you can contact the hospital hotline who will be able to help you. 

Need urgent medical advice?

You can access 24/7 medical care and advice from the Telephone Assessment Service (TAS). 

Call your medical centre and your call will be automatically transferred to the call centre. If you are in Ramstein, Goch, Wesel or Ayrshire Barracks call 0521 305 3961.

In a medical emergency, call 112 and then the hospital hotline number 0800 588 99 36 so that we can provide any support you may need. 

If you are calling from Belgium or Holland call 0049 521 305 3960.

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