Your outpatient appointment

Before your appointment
At your appointment
After your appointment

This information is for patients who are attending appointments in the Paderborn area. If your appointment is in another area of Germany, Belgium or Holland, please read our information for EJSU patients.

Before your appointment


You will have been given details about the date, time and location of your appointment. Find directions on our hospital pages.

What if I cannot attend my appointment?

If you are unable to make your appointment, or you need to change the time or date, please contact your medical centre as soon as possible.

What to bring to your appointment

 Here’s a list of things we recommend you bring to your appointment:

  • - any paperwork, test results or x-rays
  • - details of all the medication you are taking – the names of the medication,
       what you’re taking it for and how often
  • - a small amount of money for drinks or snacks
  • - a list of any questions you wish to ask the Doctor
  • - if you are driving, you may need money for parking meters.

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At your appointment

On arrival

When you arrive please follow the directions to the clinic / department that you were given. Please book in with the clinic reception staff who will explain to you what to do next. Staff will do their best to see you on time although sometimes delays are unavoidable. 

Who will look after me?

An English-speaking clinician will see you.

Consenting to treatment

It is important you fully understand your condition and the treatment options available to you. Before you receive any treatment or tests, the doctor will explain what he or she is recommending and will answer any questions you might have. No treatment is carried out without your agreement. Your treatment may mean that you require additional visits to the hospital or practice.

Sharing information

Your details will be kept confidential, but military personnel should inform their units about their appointment.

If you are a serving soldier and your appointment leads to a stay in hospital then your unit and medical centre will be told about your admission and which ward you are on. This helps your unit and other supporting organisations to give you or your family any assistance you may need.

We must do this for all military personnel, but if you are not a serving soldier and do not wish this to happen then please tell the patient support officer on admission.

Information regarding your treatment may be used for teaching, research or audit purposes, but this will be done in an anonymous way.

Find out more about how we use and protect patient information.

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After your appointment


Outpatient clinic prescriptions have to be taken to a local dispensary (Apotheke). For more information follow this link

Follow up appointments   

If you need to come back for follow-up care, an appointment will usually be made before you leave hospital.     

Your further treatment may mean that you need to be admitted to hospital, you can find out more about day case appointments and inpatient stays on our website.

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