Patient feedback

Patient feedback and complaints

The services we provide are of a high quality and our surveys show that the vast majority of our patients are satisfied or very satisfied with their care. But there will be occasions when problems arise. We are constantly striving to improve our services and welcome your comments and suggestions on how you would like us to deliver a service that meets your needs.

When you have a concern

Although we work hard to offer high standards of service and care, things can sometimes go wrong. Should this happen, we will do all that we can to put things right for you, and to make sure that the same thing does not happen again.

We take all complaints very seriously and will assist you at each stage, whether it is something that can be quickly put right on the ward or a more serious issue that you have formally put in writing. 

Talking it through

If you have a concern about the care that you have received, it is best to try to sort it out straight away. If you are an inpatient, the best person to talk to is the nurse in charge on the ward. 

You can also talk to a patient support officer who can speak to the staff on your behalf. Please ask a member of staff to direct you to their office or ask for a PSO to come and see you. 

What if I am not satisfied? 

If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been adequately addressed you can make a formal complaint by writing to the hospital operations manager. Contact details for hospital complaints can be found at the bottom of this page. 

How to make a complaint 

You may find the following advice helpful if you are making a formal written complaint:

  • - Try to make your complaint as soon as possible after the event. This makes it easier for everyone involved to remember what happened, and helps us to answer your complaint quickly. Ideally, all complaints should be made within six months.
  • - Please give as much relevant information as you can, including your name and address. It may also help, if it is relevant, to include the name of the doctor caring for you and the ward name.          
  • - If you are raising more than one concern, it helps to number each of the different points you are making. This helps us to make sure we answer all of your concerns. 

Complaints involving Primary and Secondary Health Care

In circumstances where a complaint relates to both Primary and Community Care (PCC) & Secondary Health Care (SHC), it will be helpful if you submit your complaint to the Practice Manager in the medical centre where you are registered, who will then forward your complaint letter to the relevant complaints manager. Your complaint will then be reviewed by both PCC & SHC and a lead agreed when a joint response is practical.  You will be sent an acknowledgement from the PCC complaints manager clarifying who the lead/point of contact for your complaint is, alongside their contact details. 

Who to contact

For all hospital complaints:

GSTT Complaints Department
8th Floor Haus Burgblick
Gilead Hospital

Patient support: 0800 5889936