Patient support

Patient support

What can the patient support service offer?

Translation: for you and the medical staff

Information: they can advise you on the ward routine, cultural differences and hospital facilities

Consent: assistance with consent forms (for any procedure, anaesthesia, operation or investigation)

Support: anything from meal selection and ordering to getting access to a telephone 

Communication: between the hospital and primary health care teams

Complaints: provide you with support to resolve issues

Discharge planning: help you with anything related to discharge

Also, at our partner hospitals (designated-provider hospitals), we offer:

Maternity tours: supporting regular hospital visits for expectant mothers. These can be booked through the patient support officer at your local hospital or your community midwife. 

When do patient support officers work?

Patient support officers are available seven days a week and outside of office hours can be contacted via the hospital hotline on 0800 588 99 36.

How do I contact a patient support officer?

In one of our partner hospitals: just ask any member of the medical team to contact the patient support officer for you during office hours. 

In any other hospital or out of hours: you can get support by calling the hospital hotline on 0800 588 99 36.

If you would like to contact a patient support officer in advance of your admission, you will find contact details (for each hospital) on our partner hospital pages

I am worried about patient confidentiality.

The patient support officers firmly adhere to standards of patient confidentiality at all times. 

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In a medical emergency, call 112 and then the hospital hotline number 0800 588 99 36 so that we can provide any support you may need. 

If you are calling from Belgium or Holland the number is 0049 521 305 3960.