Complaints and Feedback

Giving Feedback or Making a Complaint

What to expect

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Defence Primary Healthcare Overseas (Germany) is committed to providing an efficient and effective health service, broadly equivalent to NHS standards.  The Primary and Community Care service is delivered under contract by SSAFA GSTT Care LLP.

Feedback About Primary Care (GP or Community Care)

In a medical emergency, call 112 and then the hospital hotline number 0800 5889936 or 0049 521 305 3960 (from UK mobile or outside Germany). so that we can provide any support you may need.

Patient feedback is essential for us to maintain a good service.  There are a couple of ways you can give us feedback:

  • Traffic Light Slips: you can fill in a traffic light slip if you are seen at the UK SHAPE Medical Centre, the MAU at Brunssum or at Sennelager Medical Centre. The slips are green, amber or red, and can be used to give positive, neutral or negative feedback.
  • Speak to your Medical Centre Team: your medical centre team is here for you, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, or to pop in and see us.

For both options above, you have the choice to either give your contact details or to remain anonymous.

Complaints About Primary Care (GP or Community Care)

Most minor issues and suggestions are resolved by using the patient survey, the traffic light slips or speaking with staff at the UK SHAPE Medical Centre, the MAU at Brunssum or at Sennelager Medical Centre.  For more serious issues, or if you feel your feedback has not been heard, you can make a complaint in writing.

If you wish to make a written complaint, you can approach any member of the healthcare team to do so.  Your complaint will be directed to a member of the practice management team.

Upon receipt of a complaint, you will be sent a letter or acknowledgement within 3 days.

The practice management team will ensure all aspects of your complaint are investigated.  If your complaint includes aspects of hospital care then it will also be sent to the Hospital Operations Manager for action.

We will aim to give you a final response to your complaint within 25 working days, however, some investigations can take time.  If we cannot give you a response within 25 working days, we will write to you to tell you why.  You will receive a follow-up letter detailing progress every 25 working days until you get your final response letter.

The complaint response will include:

  • A summary of your complaint
  • The outcome of any investigations and/or meetings
  • Any action taken to prevent a recurrence, if appropriate
  • An offer of a meeting between you and the relevant staff, if appropriate
  • Details of how to obtain further information or support
  • Details of how to escalate your complaint if you remain unhappy

When your final response letter has been sent, if we do not hear from you within 10 working days, we will close the matter.

In order to receive the most satisfactory response and a speedy resolution, you should aim to make your written complaint as soon as possible after the issue has occurred.  Give as much information as you can, including the names or roles of any staff involved in your care.  Complaints should be received no later than 12 months after the issue has occurred.

To receive your acknowledgement and final response letter, and to allow us to deal with your complaint promptly, please include your name, address and telephone number/email address. If you choose to submit your complaint anonymously we will still investigate it but will be unable to provide any response to you.


Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.  Only members of staff who need to be aware of your complaint will be involved.  Your consent will be requested if we need to pass on your complaint to other organisations, or if we need to access your medical records in order to fully answer your complaint.

Complaining on Behalf of Someone Else

Someone else can make a complaint on your behalf, as long as we receive signed consent for this to take place.  If a parent or guardian complains on behalf of a young person age 16 to 18, consent will be requested from the young person.

Help With Making a Complaint

If you need help making a complaint, please ask to speak with the Practice Manager, Lead GP or PHC Ops Manager, who will be pleased to assist you.


Sennelager Medical Centre, including remote contractor services under LLP contract:

Talbot Barracks
Tel: 0049 5254 982 2414

Tracy Aldred, Practice Manager

Kat Darby, Lead Pharmacist/PHC Ops Manager

Dr Christobelle Kassner, Lead GP

SHAPE and Brussels, Brunssum, Ramstein and Host Nation Medical Facilities under LLP Contract:

UK Medical Facility
Tel: 0032 6544 5824

Elizabeth Fuller, Group Practice Manager Fuller

Dr Andrew Ure, Lead GP Ure


The Group Practice Manager, SHAPE, BFPO 26



Feedback About Secondary Care (Hospital)

Patient feedback is essential for us to maintain a good service and we would find it valuable to hear about your recent hospital experience.  You can let us know about your hospital care, at any time, by completing a short online form here.  Details about how we manage the information you provide can be found at our Patient Surveys page.

Complaints About Secondary Care (Hospital)

If you have a concern about the care that you have received, it is best to try to sort it out straight away by speaking to the Hospital Staff. If you prefer, a Patient Support Officer (PSO) will speak to the staff on your behalf and assist you in resolving the problem. Please ask a member of staff to direct you to their office or to ask a PSO to come and see you. The PSO will record your concerns and may raise the issue as an incident for further discussion with the hospital.

Although we work hard to offer high standards of service, things can sometimes go wrong. Should this happen, we will do all that we can to put things right for you and to make sure that the same thing does not happen again. We take all complaints very seriously and will look into each matter. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

You can make a formal complaint by writing to:

GSTT Complaints Department, 8th Floor Haus Burgblick, Gilead Hospital, BFPO 16

You may find the following advice helpful if you are making a complaint:

  • Try to make your complaint as soon as possible after the event. This makes it easier for everyone involved to remember what happened, and helps us to answer your complaint quickly. Ideally, all complaints should be made within six months
  • Please give as much relevant information as you can, including your name and address
  • If you are raising more than one concern, it helps to number each of the different points you are making. This helps us to make sure we answer all of your concerns.

If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we need a short letter, signed by the patient, confirming that they have given permission for us to provide you with details of their care.