COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

Stay Mentally Fit

Whilst COVID-19 is a physical illness, the current pandemic situation can have a negative impact on your mental health as well.

Disruption to your daily routine, staying away from friends and worrying about loved ones are all difficult changes and can have an impact on your mental health.

  • Don’t have the news cycle on 24 hours a day. Turn off the TV and take some time out
  • Keep a daily routine and build in time for enjoyable activities like reading, watching movies and indoor hobbies
  • Keep in touch with friends and loved-ones using technology, there are many freely available apps where you can talk, video chat and play games together
  • If working from home, try to keep a clear distinction between work-time and downtime. Try working only in one room, or putting your work things out-of-sight when you have finished for the day
  • Accessing freely available online resources, such as the NHS Website and
  • Seek support for things that are bothering you, whether it be financial, relationship or health worries. Contact your unit welfare officer, the medical centre or the Army Families Federation for more information
  • Look after your physical health too – maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, exercise and staying hydrated are all important, even when you’re staying at home.

Seeking Help From the Medical Centre

Our GPs are trained to assist you with many common mental health conditions.  Your GP can also refer you to our remote mental health nurse or clinical psychologist.  Please call reception to book an appointment with your GP on 05254 982 2414.

Online Resources

The following online resources from external, reputable organisations are a useful sources of further information and advice on your mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Young Minds – Talking to your Child About Corona Virus – Corona virus and Your Wellbeing

NHS – Mental Wellbeing Whilst Staying at Home