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GP Services in Wesel

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If you are living in Wesel and need a primary care appointment please use:

Dr Nina Saathoff
Lübeckerstrasse 24
46485 Wesel
Reception: 0281 1633919

Monday and Thursday - 0830 - 1130 and 1600 - 1800
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - 0830 - 1130.

Please note that this practice will be closed from Friday 11/9/20 to Friday 18/9/20 (reopening Monday 21/9/20).  During that time cover will be provided by alternative practices.  See here for details.

Please call to make an appointment before attending. The Practice will ask you for a letter to confirm that you are entitled to attend. You will be provided with a letter when you register at Brunssum. You will also be given a computer printout of your medical records to take to Dr Saathoff. The practice will forward any bills to Brunssum where they will be logged and forwarded to HQ SSAFA GSTT for payment.

Paediatric / Children’s Services


Dr Georg Stefanowski, Community Paediatrican, provides children's serv ices:

Dr Stefanowski, Kaiserring 15, 46483 Wesel.  Tel: 0281 14069

Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri 0800-1200 and Mon, Tues, Thurs 1500-1700.

Health Visitor

See our dedicated Children's services page.

School Nursing Support

See our dedicated Children's services page.


Dr Georg Stefanowski, Community Paediatrician provides immunisations for children.  See 'Paediatrican' above, for details.

Children’s Speech & Language (SLT)

See our dedicated Children's services page.

Children’s Mental Health

See our dedicated Mental health page.

Adult Mental Health Services

See our dedicated Mental health page.

Military Occupational Health and Defence Consultant Advisors

Routine Military Medicals

The medical records administration is carried out in SHAPE. Consultations from the GP or hospitals will be incorporated into your medical record

If your secondary healthcare (hospital) consultant recommends surgery or other significant treatment which may have an impact on your operational capability, Defence Consultant Advisor (DCA) opinion will be sought. DCAs are military clinical specialists responsible for providing occupational health input who also advise if the proposed treatment is in line with UK best practice.

Should the DCA decide that your long term career prospects may be best served by a different approach, a further referral to a UK based military consultant may be recommended and the hospital clinician will be advised that the proposed treatment will not go ahead at that time. The Clinical Referrals Manager (CRM) will advise your GP and will also contact you to provide an update.

If the DCA indicates that the proposed treatment should go ahead, the LLP SHC administration team will contact you to confirm an appointment to continue your hospital treatment.

Please be aware all recommendations for hospital care for serving personnel are reviewed in line with the MOD Occupational Health Policy.


For enquiries and to make an appointment, please contact the UK Medical Centre SHAPE. Tel:  +32 (0) 6544 5824.  Audiology tests for military personnel will take place in Ramstein and individuals will be advised accordingly.

Routine Audiology Services

  • Military occupational routine screening
  • Children’s routine hearing screening
  • Replacement of hearing aid tubes and batteries
  • Minor repairs to hearing aids or like-for-like replacement of hearing aids.

Specialist Audiology Services

For enquiries and to make an appointment, please contact the UK Medical Centre SHAPE. Tel:  +32 (0) 6544 5824.  Audiology tests for military personnel will take place in Ramstein and individuals will be advised accordingly.

A hearing specialist (audiologist) from the UK visits every three months to provide the following services:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests
  • Middle ear pressure testing
  • New born hearing screening
  • Middle ear pressure testing
  • Speech hearing testing
  • Test of inner ear hair cells
  • Confirmation of military hearing grading and reviews
  • Hearing protection advice
  • NHS Hearing aid supply and fitting
  • Hearing aid replacement and repair
  • Ear plugs and swim plugs
  • Tinnitus management


Please see our dedicated Dietician page.

Optician and Eye Sight Tests

Please see our dedicated optician and eye sight tests page.


Once you have received a referral for physiotherapy from the Host nation GP, it needs to be sent to SHAPE UK medical centre. This can initially be: by fax on 0032 6544 5016 or you may choose to scan it in or take a photo and e-mail it to: LLPHealthCare-SHAPE-0Gpmailbox@mod.gov.uk.

Once a fax, email or photo has been sent the original referral needs to be sent to:

UK Medical Centre
Building 401

Please note; if you choose to send only by post, it could take 2-3 weeks to reach us. This will therefore extend your wait for treatment.

Once the referral has been received, the UK physiotherapist will triage the referral and you will be contacted to book in for a telephone consultation with her to gain more information on the problem. If host nation physiotherapy is approved, you will be provided with a letter confirming this and stating how many sessions you are entitled to. You will have a further telephone consultation with the physiotherapist towards the end of the sessions, to determine whether you require further intervention or onward referral. If more sessions are required, you will be provided with an authorisation letter confirming this.

Failure to obtain an authorisation letter prior to commencing physiotherapy treatment, or having more sessions than authorised, is likely to result in you becoming liable for the bill.

Prescriptions & Prescription Charges

If you receive a prescription from either your local GP or hospital, please take it to:

Engel-Apotheke, Kurt-Kraeckler Str 47, 46485 Wesel.  Tel: 0281 51499

You will be need to present your entitlement letter and sign to confirm receipt of the medication. You will receive instructions in English but please ask if written instructions are not automatically offered.

Opening Times:   Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri:  0830-1300 and 1430-1830.   Wed:  0830-1300.  Sat:  0830-1230.

Prescription Charges

You will not be required to pay the Apotheek on collection of your medication, but will be sent an invoice subsequently if not exempt from prescription charges.

Repeat Prescriptions

Please follow your Apotheke's guidance regarding ordering repeat prescriptions.

Unwanted or Out of Date Medication

Unwanted or expired medications cannot be reused, even if you haven’t opened them. However, all waste medication must be disposed of safely. Medicines that are incorrectly thrown away can end up in the public water supply or harm the environment.

  • Never flush medicines down the toilet
  • Never put medicines in the bin
  • Never share your medicines with others

Please return any medicines to the apotheke, who will be able to dispose of any unwanted medicines you may have in your home or accommodation.

Women’s Health Services


Please see our dedicated Midwifery Services page.


NHS pregnancy and baby guide. This site is part of NHS Choices and offers information about all stages of pregnancy, birth and the first months with your child.

The NHS pregnancy book. This guide provides information on a healthy pregnancy, labour and childbirth, and the first weeks with your new baby.


Please see our dedicated Midwifery Services page.

Sexual Health

Please see our dedicated Sexual health page.

GP Referral for Elective (non-emergency) Hospital Care

Optimal Care Meeting (OCM)

If you are referred to another clinician by your Host Nation GP, please make sure you inform the SHAPE team on SHAPE@shcac.de immediately.  All referrals require approval via the Optimal Care Meeting at SHAPE Medical Centre prior to arranging an appointment at the hospital.  Once approved, a Patient Support Officer will contact you to arrange an appointment.

If your hospital clinician recommends surgery, you should contact the Patient Support Officers on 0800 588 9936 or 0049 521 305 3960 (from UK mobiles or outside Germany). for this to be arranged.  NB: Service personnel, please see section entitled “Military Occupational Health and Defence Consultant Advisors”.

Please send any reports or invoices relating to hospital care to brunssum@shcac.de as soon as you receive them.

Hospital Locations

Marien-Hospital Wesel
Pastor-Janssen-Str. 8-38
46483 Wesel
Reception: 0281 1040