Child with measles


The Germany "Measles Protection Act" stipulates that as of March 2020 children and staff in kindergartens and schools, medical facilities, and community facilities etc must be vaccinated. These include residences for asylum seekers, refugee shelters and holiday camps. Parents who do not vaccinate children of school age will face hefty fines, while younger children could face being excluded from daycare facilities.

Assessment of impact

There will be no impact on current delivery practices and there may only be a very small number of individuals this change will impact on in Germany, if at all. Please see the further information below;

Entitled Children in Germany

School-age children attending a German School who need evidence of vaccination can access this from their individual red book or request this detail from their Medical Centre.

Younger children who attend a German kindergarten will be required to prove they have had the age-appropriate vaccination of MMR. The UK and German schedule is currently from 12 months of age.

Entitled adults in Germany

Entitled adults may require evidence of vaccination (for occupational reasons) and will be advised by their employer that this is necessary. The Medical Centre can provide evidence from their individual medical records, or if there is no vaccination history a blood test (for evidence of immunity) can be arranged or they can be offered further vaccination if required.

Host Nation Providers

Children, vaccinations, are provided by HN providers and as such if attending an HN care facility they will be aware of this legislative change, however, as previously stated, parents are advised if they need evidence of vaccination this can be accessed from their individual red book or request this detail from their Medical Centre.