Entitlement to Healthcare

How do I find out more about my entitlement?

If, following reading this, you are in any doubt over your entitlement please contact your local medical centre.

What standard of care can I expect?

You can expect to receive a standard of health care, where practicable, similar to that provided by the NHS in the UK. Be aware that some treatments funded in British Army Germany may not/will not be funded upon return to the UK. This care is provided on behalf of British Army Germany health service by the LLP. As in the NHS, there are various organisations responsible for different aspects of the service and, just like the NHS, we seek to deliver the care ‘seamlessly’ so that you, the patient, should not be aware of the interfaces between the various components of the service.

I've received a medical bill, what should I do?

If you are entitled to health care and have received a medical bill please do not ignore it, please read our information on what to do if you receive a bill.