The Patient Support Service

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Our team of PSOs are available 24 hours a day to provide support regarding any aspect of your hospital care.  They can be contacted via the Hospital Hotline at any time by you or you can ask the hospital staff to contact them on your behalf.

Please note:  If you are using a mobile telephone and your call is not answered, please try again when in an area of better reception.


Tel: 0800 588 9936 (From Germany)
Tel: 0049 521 305 3960 (From EJSU locations outside of Germany or from a UK mobile)

PSOs are considered an integral member of the clinical team and operate as an interface between patients, the hospital, other healthcare professionals and your GP.

You should always contact the team:

  • If you are referred or admitted to hospital or to let them know that you are going to attend an A&E department
  • If you cannot make an appointment or need to change an admission date.

The team are there to help you throughout your whole hospital experience so please feel free to call whenever you need assistance.  Examples of how they help are as follows:

  • Informing your unit of your admission (if military)
  • Informing your medical centre of your admission
  • Helping you with finding where to go once you arrive in hospital
  • Once notified of your admission, contacting you by the next working day
  • Providing language support or interpretation as necessary
  • Helping you with consent forms
  • Helping with any questions you may have over your treatment
  • Ensuring that medical treatment costs will be paid for (for entitled patients)
  • If required, organising for you to have a number of days’ medication issued, or a prescription to take home with you after admission
  • Helping arrange further appointments after an admission.
  • Taking forward any concerns you may have about the care that you have received

The PSO's

The patient support team.