eyesight tests

Obtaining an Eye Test

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Adults and children aged 16 or over who require routine eye tests

Most low-risk patients should have their eyes checked every two years (unless they are a child who wears glasses or falls into one of the groups outlined above or is elderly (over the age of 70). If a patient is considered at low risk, the LLP will refund eye test charges incurred and undertaken every two years via Host Nation provision. If a patient is at higher risk, but still considered suitable for Host Nation testing, the LLP will refund the cost of more frequent eye testing. The maximum refund provided will be in line with UK costs - i.e. up to a maximum of £31 or €36 (from January 2019).

You may make an appointment with a Host Nation optician (or ‘Optiker’) of your choice. You should pay for sight test charges incurred but retain an itemised receipt to reclaim the cost of the eye test back from the LLP directly, via your Medical centre. It should be noted that any refund for spectacles prescribed and supplied by the Optiker should be reclaimed, if eligible, directly from DPHC (Overseas) Fwd NWE, Medical Centre (North Wing), Talbot Barracks, Sennelager, BFPO 16 and not from the LLP.

For Children

Any child under the age of 16 is to be seen by a GP or Health Visitor for advice re sight tests. The norm will be for patients to be referred to a DGP for eye testing. The LLP School Health team provides a School entry screening check for children around five years old, which includes vision testing. Any children under the age of 8 (for whom parents or teacher / other have vision concerns) are advised to discuss these concerns with the GP / Health Visitor or School Health Team. The School Nursing Team can be contacted via the child's school or the Medical Centre (05254 982 2414)

In a medical emergency, call 112 and then the hospital hotline number 0800 5889936 or 0049 521 305 3960 (from UK mobile or outside Germany). so that we can provide any support you may need.

Adults and children aged 16 or over with a family history of glaucoma or with chronic disease such as diabetes who require a sight test:

Such patients should make an appointment with their GP or Practice Nurse in the first instance, who will then advise whether the eye test should be undertaken by a clinician who can conduct an extended sight test. If the more extended test needs to be performed, the GP or Practice Nurse will arrange the referral. If the test can be done in a Host Nation optician, you should use one of the following providers:

The following Host Nation Providers can offer eye tests in English

The maximum refund provided will be in line with UK costs - i.e. up to a maximum of £31 or €36 (from January 2019).


Optik Kintrup - By appointment only
Bielefelder Str. 7
33104 Paderborn (Schloss Neuhaus)
Tel 05254 1515

Uecker Augenoptik - By appointment only
Husener 48
33098 Paderborn (Im Gesundheitszentrum Medico)
Tel 05251 4172939

Optik Juergens (From age 16 from age 14 with consent of parents)
Krumme Grube 2
33098 Paderborn
Tel 05251 27977

Optik Spieker
Am Abdinghof 30
33098 Paderborn
Tel 05251 25839


Optik Winter
Niederwall 5 33602 Bielefeld
Tel 0521 65887

Military Eye Wear

Any Service person who potentially requires a prescription for military eyewear such as respirator lenses should make an appointment with:

Optik Kintrup Bielefelder Str. 7 33104 Paderborn (Schloss Neuhaus) Tel 05254 1515

Herr Kintrup will undertake the necessary sight test on his premises and provide you with a completed copy of the 'FMed 79'. You will not be billed for this test. You should take the completed FMed79 to your local LLP Medical Centre who will then order the glasses/GSR lenses from the nominated MOD suppliers. When the manufactured spectacles/GSR lenses are returned, the medical centre will notify you to collect the items before making a follow-up appointment with Herr Kintrup for the accurate fitting of the spectacles. Again, you will not be charged for this service.

Please note the fitting of the GSR lenses should be completed by your CBRN instructor and NOT Herr Kintrup.