Thriving and Surviving

The London School of Paediatrics

The London School of Paediatrics has produced a handbook of surviving and thriving during the COVID19 lockdown*. This fantastic handbook covers areas such as:

* Some areas of the handbook will be specific to UK residents and not be applicable for those in LLP locations.


  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Mental Health & Mindfulness
  • Thinking About Our Bellies
  • Top 10 tips: Surviving Maternity Leave
  • Training & Education
  • Resources for Work: Health, Pregnancy & COVID-19


  • Let’s Boogie
  • Top 10 Books
  • Top 10 TV Shows
  • Top 10 Movies
  • Positivity Menu
  • Stuck at Home with the Kids?
  • Let’s talk about cake!
  • Helping Others...
Download Your Copy

Take a look at the full handbook and/or download your own copy Surviving and Thriving COVID19.